Switch Panel only 1996 ish 240 Proline

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  • Boat Manufacturer: Proline
  • OEM Part#*: -  
  • Fits Models*: -
  • Construction: Acrylic 3/16"
  • Accessory Panels Available: N/A
  • Switch Kit Available: SKU#

* May fit other models/years, Part# for search/reference only


There are variations to this panel set, please submit clear photos.

Dimensions: 12"L x 5"H

We have found the screw spacing to be inconsistent from boat to boat. The original panel that was used to pattern our drawing has bottom screws spaced 1/8" wider than the top screws.

STYLE A - Panel is cut for toggle switches
STYLE B - Panel is cut for Rocker switches

To replace the toggle switches you will need:
Qty 7 - toggle boot
Qty 1 - 6FA53-78 - momentary (on)/off - horn
Qty 1 - 2GM51-78 - on/off/on nav lts
Qty 5 - 2GA51-78 - ON/OFF

To replace the rocker switches you will need:
Qty 1 - V2D1-3 - horn
Qty 1 - VJDJ-1 - nav lts
Qty 5 - V1D1-2 - on/off w/ lamp for accessories, lights, bilge pump, etc.
The list is for the switches only. Actuator covers are sold separately. Our full inventory can be found by typing "VV" in the search window

TYPE "1658" in the search window for the circuit breakers
TYPE "boot" in the search window for the rubber boots