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VKD1-1Carling (ON)/OFF/ON double pole rocker switch with 1 lamp

VKD1-1Carling (ON)/OFF/ON double pole rocker switch with 1 lamp

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Description VKD1-1
Carlingswitch (ON)/OFF/ON double pole V series Contura rocker switch body.

  • This is a Switch Body Only. Actuators are sold separately.
  • (ON)/OFF/ON configuration, single pole double throw. momentary-on/off/on
  • 12V clear lamp in the top position. The lamp illuminates when the actuator moves to the "on" position.
  • 7 terminal; the top right terminal is the ground for the lamp. The middle two terminals are power "in" and they are independent of each other. The two side of the switch are independent of each other. The other two pairs of terminals are power "out" for the two different circuits. The switch is "off" when the actuator is in the middle position. Pushing the top of the actuator activates one circuit (ON), it is a momentary action and it will send power to the two bottom terminals IF you have both power "in" terminals fed with power. If you only have power going to one of the power "in" terminals, then only one of the "out" terminals will be connected by pressing the actuator. Pushing the bottom of the actuator will activate the ON circuit. Both circuits can not be activated at the same time.
  • Common for Marine, RV, automotive, and other 12V DC applications. Sometimes used as an Energize/Emergency STOP switch for Detroit Diesel. There are two independent sources for power in this application, therefore the need for the double pole switch.
  • Part# VKD1-1
  • Choose from a variety of actuators with different lenses. Actuator part numbers begin with VV. This switch would use an actuator with a single lens.

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