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VJDJ-2 Carling ON/OFF/ON rocker switch, red and green LED lamps. w/jumper

VJDJ-2 Carling ON/OFF/ON rocker switch, red and green LED lamps. w/jumper

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Description VJDJ-2
Carlingswitch ON/OFF/ON V series Contura rocker switch body.

  • This is a Switch Body Only. Actuators are sold separately.
  • ON/OFF/ON configuration, double throw
  • Two lamps, red and green LED lamps. Green independent lamp in position #1, Red lamp in #2 position is a standard dependent lamp.
  • An independent lamp has both a positive and negative terminal as opposed to the standard switches that just have a negative terminal. Independent lamps can be lit independently of the actuator position as opposed to standard "dependent" lamps that get their power internally when the actuator moves to the "on" position.
  • 8 terminal; The top right terminal is the ground for the lamps. The top left terminal is the power supply for the green independent lamp. The middle two terminals are power "in" and they have an external jumper installed so only one power wire will be required to power both sides of the switch. The other two pairs of terminals are power "out". The two sides of the switch are NOT independent of each other. The switch is "off" when the actuator is in the middle position.
  • At times these switches are wired differently. The important thing to remember is how the switch operates. When the bottom of the actuator is depressed, the middle two terminals make contact with the top two (switched) terminals (not the very top two that are for the lights). . When the top of the actuator is depressed, the middle two terminals make contact with the bottom two terminals. As with all double pole switches, the two sides are independent of each other. So the terminals on the left side of the switch never make contact with the terminals on the right side of the switch unless you install an external jumper wire, which in this case is supplied fot the middle terminals only.

  • The VJDJ-2 is an ON/OFF/ON switch with green independent on top and red dependent on bottom like the V1D1-3- - -when the top of the actuator is depressed, the red light illuminates. When in the off position, nothing illuminates unless you have the independent green LED wired to illuminate with some other power source (ex. dash lights). When you depress the bottom of the actuator for the secondary ON circuit, the red light does not illuminate, unless you wire it to do so. This is a complicated switch that is NOT a true double pole switch. You can operate two separate accessories, but not at the same time. ON(accy1)/OFF/ON(accy2). Please note that this a 2 position switch and you can make it illuminate just like the V1D1-3. It really should be referred to as a "single pole double throw"
  • Common for Marine, RV, automotive, and other 12V DC applications.
  • Part# VJDJ-2 Commonly used by Monterey Boats, Boston Whaler and others
  • Choose from a variety of actuators with different lenses. Actuator part numbers begin with VV. The C2 actuators with white opaque lenses work well with these switches as the red and green show up nicely when illuminated.

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