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VHB2-1 Carling rocker switch On/On/On with 24V amber lamps

VHB2-1 Carling rocker switch On/On/On with 24V amber lamps

SKU: ELC-009070

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Carling Contura V-Series Rocker Switch Body
This is a Switch Body Only. Actuators/Covers are sold separately.



  • FP Marine SKU: ELC-009070
  • Series: Contura V
  • Function:  Latching ON/ON/ON DPST
  • Lamp: Double 24V Independent Amber position 1 (top), Independent Amber position 2 (bottom)
  • *OEM Part #(s): VHB2-1
    • *Sea Ray Part #(s): 
  • *Substitution(s): 

* Part #(s) may vary among boat models/years & are for search/reference only.

Carlingswitch ON/ON/ON double pole V series Contura rocker switch body.

  • This is a Switch Body Only. Actuators are sold separately.
  • ON/ON/ON configuration. Terminals connected at each actuator position: 2&3 / 2&3, 4&5 / 4&5
  • 24V Amber Independent LED lamps. Lamp in 1 position top is wired to terminal #7 Ground and #8 power. Lamp in 2 position bottom is wired to terminal #9 Ground and #10 Power.
  • Independent lamps are illuminated independently of actuator position. Independent lamps have both a negative terminal and a positive terminal that must be wired externally to illuminate. If you want an independent lamp to illuminate when the actuator is in a particular position, you have to run a jumper wire from a terminal activated by the actuator position (like #3 or #4) to a power terminal for one of the lamps (like #8 or #10) the videos!!
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