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V2DA-3 Carling (ON)/OFF Momentary single pole rocker switch w/independent 12V lamp

V2DA-3 Carling (ON)/OFF Momentary single pole rocker switch w/independent 12V lamp

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Carling Contura V-Series Rocker Switch Body
This is a Switch Body Only. Actuators/Covers are sold separately.



  • FP Marine SKU: ELC-
  • Series: Contura V
  • Function:  Momentary (ON)/OFF SPST
  • Lamp: Single 12V Clear, position 1 (top)
  • *OEM Part #(s): V2DA-3
    • *Sea Ray Part #(s): 
  • *Substitution(s): 

Carlingswitch (ON)/OFF single pole V series Contura rocker switch body.
    • This is a Switch Body Only. Actuators are sold separately.
    • (ON)/OFF configuration. Momentary ON, normally OFF
    • 12V independent clear lamp in the 1 position.
    • An independent lamp has both a positive and negative terminal as opposed to the standard switches that just have a negative terminal. Independent lamps can be lit independently of the actuator position as opposed to standard "dependent" lamps that get their power internally when the actuator moves to the "on" position
    • 4 terminal; Terminal #8 is power and Terminal #7 is ground for the lamp, Terminal #2 is power in and Terminal (#3) is Momentary power out.
    • Part# V2DA-3 Sea Ray part # 799304 -or 0799304 Blowers. The parts manual for 2001 340DA incorrectly calls for part # 1374396 which is a 24v switch.
    • CONFIRM 1st - Please check your existing switch carefully for the number of terminals, the number of lamps, and the color of the lamps. (you will have to remove your actuator to see the color of the lamp) We have found the Sea Ray part # cross references to a few different Carling #'s
  • This type of switch with momentary action is used for horns, windshield washers, solenoid activation, starting circuits, etc. Common for Marine, RV, automotive, and other 12 volt DC applications.
  • Choose from a variety of actuators with different lenses. Actuator part numbers begin with VV.

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