Sea Ray 400DA/450DA - 7 Piece Hatch Track Set

Sea Ray 400DA/450DA - 7 Piece Hatch Track Set

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Sea Ray 400/450 Sundancer 7 Piece Hatch Track Set

This is a 7 piece hatch track set:
- 1 port side track assembly that mounts to the deck of the boat.
- 1 port side hatch edge trim/train that mounts to the port side of the hatch.
- 1 starboard side hatch edge trim that mounts to the starboard side of the hatch. 
- 1 starboard side guide track that mounts to the deck of the boat.

- 3 roller wheels that mount to the train.

Available in black only.

This is an original factory replacement using upgraded materials and original engineering drawings.
This track set requires drilling holes and making minor modifications for a proper fit. The mounting holes for the rollers and the track varied from boat to boat. Also the length varied slightly so you may have to trim and form a bit to get the best fit. The plastic is easily sanded and drilled. Do not discard your original track pieces as you will be using them as patterns for mounting holes

The following part numbers are for the 1998 Sea Ray 400 Sundancer
0897389, 1075795, 0964791 (these numbers are for the white hatch version, our track is black only)
1087469, 1090638 (these numbers are for the Zephyr hatch version with black hatch track)

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