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Mobella "Small" swing door latch, Passageway

Mobella "Small" swing door latch, Passageway

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Mobella "Small" swing door latch

  • Chrome plated Brass
  • This is an obsolete part that we are still able to order for now.
  • Same outward appearance as Mobella "Slim" but has a much smaller latch engine and mortise cutout.
  • Universal installation RO, LO, RI, LI
  • Does not include mounting screws
  • MC-99-1-9522

Latch engine brass body:

1-11/16" Width

2" Height

3/8" Thickness

Faceplate on brass body:

3-1/2" Length

5/8" Width

1/16" Thickness



4-1/4" Height

1" Width

3/16" Thickness

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