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LT-25X1-3 Carling (ON)/OFF/(ON) Momentary Double Pole lighted tip toggle switch Special Reversing

LT-25X1-3 Carling (ON)/OFF/(ON) Momentary Double Pole lighted tip toggle switch Special Reversing

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Carlingswitch (ON)/OFF/(ON) Momentary Double Pole, lighted tip toggle switch. Special Reversing configuration.
  • !!!!CAUTION!!!! - The Sea Ray parts manual incorrectly identifies the ignition switch as this part # (1757313) This switch will not work as the ignition switch and may cause damage if installed. The correct part for the ignition switch is our part # LT-25X1-1. The error was noticed in the 2007 260 Sundeck parts manual but may be present in other manuals as well.
  • Independent special Sea Ray Blue lamp with satin handle. An independent lamp has both a positive and negative terminal as opposed to the standard switches that just have a negative terminal. Independent lamps can be lit independently of the handle position as opposed to standard "dependent" lamps that get their power internally when the handle moves to the "on" position.
  • Special configuration for Sea Ray hatch lift and sunpad linear actuators. Lenco , Warner Electric, Dana, Thompson linear actuators. Most electric actuators have two wires; one power and one ground. By reversing the connections, the motor turns the opposite way. One way is up, one way is down. Also used to operate Intellitec latching relays wir windlass systems and battery disconnects.
  • 6 terminal; The two terminals marked "F" at the top middle and bottom middle positions are for the lamp, The center terminals on the left and right are power and GROUND in. The bottom left and the bottom right terminals are for the power and ground leads from the linear actuator. (they will usually be white and black.)
  • Switch is normally OFF. The handle is spring loaded and will return to the OFF position after releasing from the up or down momentary positions. When the handle is moved up, the switch sends power to one of the bottom terminals and ground to the other. When the handle is moved down, the power and ground is reversed.
  • Lamp is 12VDC.
  • Part # LT-25X1-3. SR BBG part# 2078026
  • The "Special Sea Ray Blue" lens is darker blue than the standard blue lens. The standard blue lens appears blue/green. Be cautious as both lenses are used on various Sea Ray boats.

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