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Inverter for Strip Light for backlit dash/instrument panels EL Tape

Inverter for Strip Light for backlit dash/instrument panels EL Tape

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DC to AC Inverter with 1 amp Mini Fuse & Holder


  • Brand new modern upgraded replacements for the original light tape inverters used on Sea Ray Boats from the early 1980's up through the 2000's.
  • Safely convert 12VDC to approximately 110 - 170VAC. Your original backlighting system operated in the same manner so you can operate your old light strips with one our new inverters. You can also operate our new light strips with your original inverter which is located in your switch panel wiring harness. We are not sure of the load limitations of your original inverters. We would not recommend operating more than two (2) light strips on one of the original inverters. (Our new inverter can operate up to four (4) of our large light strips.)
  • Minimal heat production unless overloaded with more than the recommended load of light strips
  • The input side of the inverter is manufactured with a bare red and black wire ready to wire into your 12VDC electrical system. We recommend using the supplied 1amp mini fuse and holder on the red (positive) side of the input. 
  • The output side of the inverter has a convenient quick connect plug that will easily plug into our light strips. We sell "2 into 1", "3 into 1" and "4 into 1" harnesses to make the installation go quickly and safely when using multiple light strips. If you choose, you can purchase a 4 into 1 harness and only utilize one of the pigtails.
  • Body has 2 screw mounting holes for solid mounting but these are typically "zip tied" to the wiring harness.
  • 1 Year warranty from the date of purchase
  • CAUTION - The output side of this inverter will shock you if proper precautions are not taken!
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