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LT-1531, Carling SPST (ON)/OFF Momentary, Independent Lamp, 4 Terminal

LT-1531, Carling SPST (ON)/OFF Momentary, Independent Lamp, 4 Terminal

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Momentary (ON)/OFF

  • Single pole Single Throw SPST
  • momentary action lighted tip toggle switch.
  • 4 terminal
  • Top 2 terminals are power and ground for the lamp. The bottom two terminals on the left are power in and power out.
  • Lamp is 12VDC.
  • This type of switch with momentary action is used for horns, windshield washers, solenoid activation, or starting circuits. Also used by Pathfinder Boats as a Bilge Pump switch that will light up if the float switch is activated.
  • Common for Marine, RV, automotive, and other 12 volt DC applications.
  • Part # LT-1531-601-012 LT-1531-603-012 LT-1531-604-012
  • Normally OFF, temporary (ON). The parentheses indicate momentary action.
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