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8349040 Windshield Screw Cover Trim

8349040 Windshield Screw Cover Trim

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Windshield Screw Cover Trim

Trim Part # 8349040

Possible Sea Ray Part # 's 1056001, 983312, 1106707, 1473107, 1424373, 1340926, 1424399

This is very similar to the 8349030

We have been told that the 8349040 was used in the stainless steel windshield frames and the 8349030 was used in the aluminum windshield frames

Please compare measurements and pictures carefully

Also replaces the foam screw cover trim

Dimensions: Approximately 1-1/2" x 13/16" (39mm x 21mm) Squared portion is approximately 21mm deep (13/16") measured outside to outside.

The 8349030 is very similar so compare measurements carefully. The depth of the square portion of the seal is the most important. This determines how deep the trim seats into the windshield frame.

Both the 8349030 and 8349040 were used on Sea Ray Sport Yachts and many other boats starting in the mid 1990's
This trim was also used by the following boat manufactures - Four Winns, Glacier Bay, Formula, Fountain, Crusier, Wellcraft.

Below are some boat models customers have used this trim on.

1989 Sea Ray 280 Sundancer
1991 Sea Ray 280 Sundancer

1994 Sea Ray 400 Express Crusier with a Stainless Steel windshield frame
1995 Sea Ray 310 Sun Sport
1995 Sea Ray 370 Express Crusier
1997 Sea Ray 330 Sundancer
1997 Sea Ray 400 Sundancer
1999 Sea Ray 400 Sundancer
2000 Sea Ray 320 Express Crusier
2000 Sea Ray 380 Sundancer

2000 Sea Ray 410 Express Crusier
with an aluminum windshield frame
2000 Sea Ray 410 Sundancer

2000 Sea Ray 460 Sundancer

2000 Sea Ray 510 Sundancer

2001 Sea Ray 340 Amberjack

2001 Sea Ray 380 Sundancer

2002 Sea Ray 310 Sundancer

2002 Sea Ray 340 Sundancer

2002 Sea Ray 360 Sundancer with a stainless steel windshield frame
2002 Sea Ray 380 Sundancer
2003 Sea Ray 380 Sundancer

2004 Sea Ray 360 Sundancer with a Stainless Steel Windshield frame
2004 Sea Ray 420 Sundancer

2004 Sea Ray 460 Sundancer

2005 Sea Ray 340 Sundancer

2005 Sea Ray 360 Sundancer
2005 Sea Ray 390 Sundancer
2007 Sea Ray 340 Sundancer

2007 Sea Ray 400 Sundancer with a Stainless Steel Windshield Frame
2008 Sea Ray 400 Sundancer

2010 Sea Ray 370 Sundancer

1999 Crusier 3575

2001 Crusier 4450

2003 Fountain Fever

2004 Formula 40PC

2007 Formula 37PC with a stainless steel windshield frame

2008 Formula 34PC with a stainless steel windshield frame

2005 True World TF242

1996 Wellcraft 45 Excalibur

WHEN ORDERING, Please fill out the text box with the year, make, and model of your boat so we can continue to add to the database and share it. Also please let us know if you have a Stainless Steel or an Aluminum frame windshield.

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