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450 Sundancer 1995-1999 SWITCH kit including Covers/Actuators

450 Sundancer 1995-1999 SWITCH kit including Covers/Actuators

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Carling Contura III V series rocker Switch AND Actuator kit
  • This is a SWITCH AND ACTUATOR kit.
  • This set is for the 1995-1999 ish 450 Sundancer
  • The accessory positions on the switch panel originally came with two blank plugs. We have replaced those with regular on/off (V1D1-2) switches
  • Some of the older model boats had a smaller horn switch. We have replaced that with the standard size Carling switch and a corresponding actuator with a red horn symbol.
  • This Kit Includes:
    1 C3-L horn symbol
    3 C3-I black with no lens
    14 C3-F black with single blue lens
    2 C3-K Ignition start/stop symbols

    1 VLD1-3 SR part# 1733928 681494 Windlass main
    1 VB4A-1 SR part# 670539 emergency start
    9 V1D1-2 SR part# 648097 bilge pumps, bilge lts, spoiler lts, docking lts, wipers, Accy
    1 V1D1-1 SR part# 681502 engine synchronizer
    2 VAD1-1 SR part# 681510 Running Lights, Anchor Lights
    2 V2D1-3 SR part# 679332 horn, windshield washer
    1 VLD1-1 SR part# 757369 windshield vent
    1 V2DA-3 SR part# 679324 Bilge Blowers
    2 VM4J-1 SR part# 670521 ignition


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