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450 Sundancer 1995-1999

450 Sundancer 1995-1999


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  • Boat Manufacturer: Sea Ray
  • OEM Part#*: -  
  • Fits Models*:  450 Sundancer 1995-1999
  • Construction: Acrylic 1/4"
  • Accessory Panels Available: Radar Panel
  • Switch Kit Available: SKU#

* May fit other models/years, Part# for search/reference only


There are variations to this panel set, please submit clear photos.

3 piece set:

- Gauge Panel with systems monitor diagram
- Electronics Panel 40-1/2" length - standard configuration is     "Blank" with no cutouts
- Switch Panel


STYLE A: 10 Gauge layout - NO SYNCHRONIZER gauge between the tachometers.

STYLE B: 11 Gauge layout - This panel has a 3" synchronizer gauge between the two tachometers. PLEASE NOTE!!! The 3" synchronizer gauges are no longer available. If you plan on replacing it at any time in the future, you will have to purchase a 2" synchronizer gauge and order gauge style C

STYLE C: 11 Gauge layout - This panel has a 2" synchronizer gauge between the two tachometers.

CHECK your systems monitor and compare it with our photos, We have found that most boats have this same systems monitor diagram. If yours is different, PLEASE email us a picture.


Backlighting components SOLD SEPARATELY:

Three 11-3/4" x 3/4" (300mm x 20mm) strip light
One 3 into 1 wire connector
One Inverter

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