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280 Bowrider/Sunsport 1996-2001

280 Bowrider/Sunsport 1996-2001


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  • Boat Manufacturer: Sea Ray
  • OEM Part#*: -  
  • Fits Models*:  280 Bowrider/Sunsport 1996-2001
  • Construction: Acrylic 1/4" HD Package Standard, Recessed gauge holes
  • Accessory Panels Available: N/A
  • Switch Kit Available: SKU#

* May fit other models/years, Part# for search/reference only


There are variations to this panel set, please submit clear photos.

This set includes 6 pieces:
- Gauge panel.
- Main switch panel
- Ignition panel (there are 6 variations)
- Accent panel (opposite the ignition panel) (There are 8 variations)
- Trim Tab panel (there are 3 variations)
- Outdrive trim/tilt panel (There are 3 variations)


If you are also replacing the backlighting on the main switch panel you will need:
- two (2) of the 300mm light strips.
- one (1) inverter
- one (1) 2 to 1 adapter connector

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