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240 270 Outrage Custom ELECTRONICS Panel

240 270 Outrage Custom ELECTRONICS Panel

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  • Boat Manufacturer: Boston Whaler
  • OEM Part#*: -  
  • Fits Models*: 240 270 Outrage 
  • Construction: ABS 3/16"
  • Accessory Panels Available: N/A
  • Switch Kit Available: N/A

* May fit other models/years, Part# for search/reference only


There are variations to this panel set, please submit clear photos. This panel is manufactured blank with no cutouts. Please choose the "custom cutouts" option if you would like us to prepare the panel for displays and electronics.

There are 2 options for this panel. Inset and Face Mount. The face mount option requires installing "cleats" or "blocks on the top and bottom of the dash opening to support the panel. This option offers more space for displays. The inset option mounts inside the "box" area and will secure directly to the flat console fiberglass surface. This is a smaller panel and yields the same mounting surface area as the original fiberglass face. The inset style will have pre-drilled screw holes for mounting. The Face Mount will not have mounting holes drilled as it is best to determine those locations in the field based on where displays will be mounted and where the support cleats will be mounted.

STYLE A: Inset. Dimensions - See Photo

STYLE B: Face Mount - See Photo

The outlines around the perimeter of the panels add significantly to the production time. The outlines are engraved and protected below the surface just like the text. Please choose the Outline option to add this feature to your panel set.

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