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KIT 215 EC 240 Sundancer SWITCH kit including Covers/ACTUATORS

KIT 215 EC 240 Sundancer SWITCH kit including Covers/ACTUATORS

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Carling Contura III V series rocker Switch AND Cover/Actuator kit
  • This is a SWITCH AND ACTUATOR kit.
  • This set is for the 1996-2001 ish Sea Ray 215 Express Cruiser and the 1997-1998 240 Sundancer
  • Includes:

    V1D1-2 - SR# 648097 -qty 5 - Depth cockpit lights(or water system), blower, bilge pump, Wiper
    V2D1-3 - SR# 679332 qty 1 - Horn
    VXDJ-1 - SR# 679340 qty 1 - Nav Lights

    C3-L - SR# 759084 qty 1 - horn symbol
    C3-F - SR# 679324 qty 6 - single blue lens

    Note: The original actuators on this model had screen printing to identify the switch functions. We do not stock all of the screen printed actuators and our replacement panels have the switch functions engraved in the panel. This switch and actuator kit is intended to go with our replacement instrument/switch panel.


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