200 & 220 SD / 215, 225 WE / 240 & 260 DA (2003-2004) - "Rectangle"



My original panels are peanut shaped, why are these rectangular?
Sea Ray changed the panels in the Sundecks and Weekenders after discontinuing the EIM systems. Our EIM replacement system is designed based on the newer model boats.

Can I just replace the switchpad and not the electronic module under my dash?
Your original EIM system consists of two parts. The EIM module and the touchpad. Either of the components or both can fail. Our system is a complete replacement and solves the electronic issues permanently.

Do I need a technician to install this system?
Our system is very close to “plug and play” the most difficult part is cutting slightly larger holes in the dash. Total install time should be 2 hours.

Can I save a few dollars and install the “Peanut system” in my boat?
This EIM replacement system retains all of the functions of your original boat, most importantly the water system. This also allows for an additional “Accessory” switch.

Can I choose a color other than Cherry Burl?
Yes, there are a variety of color available. Please keep in mind the text must be white for the backlighting to be effective. So a white panel with white text would have no daytime contrast.

"PEANUT-RECTANGLE" 200-220SD, 215-225WE, 240-260 SUNDANCER (03-04)

Part Manufacturer/Part #: FP-Marine / 99-EIMRS-PEANUT-RECTANGLE

Boat Manufacturer: Sea Ray

OEM Part#: 1718632 / 1718631 / 1123785 / 1142314 / 1204619 / 1123793 / 1133800 / 1204619 / 1204353

Fits Models: 200 & 220 Sundeck / 215, 225 Weekender / 240 & 260 Sundancer (2003-2004)