280, 300, 320, 340 Sundancer. 290 BR, SS & SLX - "Kidney"



Can I just replace my touchpad with one of yours?
Our EIM replacement system is a complete retrofit. Our simple system is analog and will not communicate with any parts of your old system.

Some of the switches on the FP system do not match the switch locations on my original touchpads. Will this work?
Yes, we relocated a few switches for more intuitive use and to better allocate the space available.

I replaced my touchpad with an aftermarket unit and I still have malfunctions, what do I do?
Your original EIM system is comprised of 5 components. Any one can fail and present symptoms to another component. It is best to remove your entire system and replace with our reliable analog solution.

This looks like a big job, can I handle it?
Approximately 50% of our customers install the system by themselves. The most difficult part is cutting the holes in the dash. We have hundreds of systems in the field with an average install time of 6 hours for handy individuals. There are clearly labeled plug connectors, and excellent installation instructions available in our Library to look at before making a purchase.

Will all of my original systems operate as they did before?
Yes, some switch locations have changed.

My windlass still does not work after installing your EIM replacement system.
Please see our windlass diagnostic procedure in our Library under the EIM systems section

Can I choose a color other than Cherry Burl?
Yes, there are a variety of color available. Please keep in mind the text must be white for the backlighting to be effective. So a white panel with white text would have no daytime contrast.

I started installing this system and it's a fairly simple to install, however the blower switch installed on the panel is a momentary switch? Is that correct? Should that be an on/off switch or does it just activate a relay?
Yes, the switch operates the Dual Blower Controller which is the black box attached to the switch panel harness.

"KIDNEY" 280 300 320 340 SUNDANCER 290BR, SS, SLX

Part Manufacturer/Part #:

Boat Manufacturer: Sea Ray

OEM Part#: 1718630 / 1759175 / 1718618 / 1606581 / 1810626 / 1810625

Fits Models: 280, 300, 320, 340 Sundancer. 290 BR, SS & SLX