240 Sundeck, 270 Sundeck, 240 Sundancer (00-02), 260 Sundancer (99-02), 245 Weekender (00-05) and 250 Amberjack (06-08)



Can I save a few dollars and install the “Peanut system” in my boat?
This EIM replacement system retains all of the functions of your original boat, including the water system which is not supported by the “Peanut” Sytems. The wiring is different on the larger Sundecks as well. Most importantly the 240-260 System includes a completely new full panel set in our HD upgraded finish.

Can I choose a color other than Cherry Burl?
Yes, there are a variety of color available. Please keep in mind the text must be white for the backlighting to be effective. So a white panel with white text would have no daytime contrast.

Can I purchase the switch panel only and not the gauge panel?
The panels are made as a matched set. Replacing one panel will leave a mismatched faded gauge panel and present an incomplete modification. If you have recently replaced your panels and your EIM system fails, then we can arrange for a special order that will match your new panel set.

Can I order the panel with toggle switches or pushbutton switches?
Changing switch design would require wiring harness changes. We are not offering this option at this time.

Can I modify the gauge panel to accept a display?
Yes, choose the “custom cutouts/text changes” option when ordering

My 24 pin plug connector will not connect to the new harness.
Please refer to the installation instructions regarding the tabs on the plug that must be filed.

The outside screw hole on the switch panel has no fiberglass to secure to.
We have seen this on rare occasions. Please contact us and we will send a matching machine screw with a large washer.

240-270 SUNDECK (99-04), 240-260 SUNDANCER (99-02), 245 WE (00-05), 250 AJ (06-08)

Part Manufacturer/Part #: FP-Marine / 99-EIMRS-240-260

Boat Manufacturer: Sea Ray

OEM Part#: 1135912, 1135920, 1135904  

Fits Models:  240 Sundeck (99-04), 270 Sundeck (99-04), 240 Sundancer (00-02), 260 Sundancer (99-02), 245 Weekender (00-05) and 250 Amberjack (06-08)