EIM Elecronic Interface Module - 1718631 replacement

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We have developed a replacement system which converts your boat to reliable Carling rocker switches.
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This product is no longer available

Plastic overlays for Kidney or Eyebrow touchpads – These are thin plastic vacu-formed parts that are extremely brittle. It is almost impossible to remove one without cracking it to pieces. Please do not blame your technician or dealership if it is damaged. Not Available from any sources. We cannot manufacture or refinish them.

Replacement Touchpads for any EIM system – Includes the “peanut pads” for the 185-270,  kidney shaped” for the 280-340, and “eyebrow” for the 290, 310 & 330.
There are a few replacement touchpads available through Sea Ray dealers and through private sellers. Often, the touchpads only are displaying symptoms of an underlying problem with the EIM (Electronic Interface Module). Typically a bad touchpad has visual signs of failure especially from the backside. (cracking, corrosion, wires pulled out) In the worst cases, the pads catch on fire and burn the dash

EIM Module Boxes  - Factory replacement  EIM’s are not available. The EIM’s are the “fuse box’s” that have a circuit board, digital relays, and a computer processor. There is one small EIM with a visible circuit board on the smaller boats. The Kidney and Eyebrow boats have 2 black EIM’s. One under the dash and one in the bilge. CAUTION: The EIM could be faulty and that affects the operation of the touchpad, or vice-versa. Often times, customers spend the money on touchpads and find out the problem was the EIM. We have heard that there are aftermarket EIM’s available, but we have not heard any reports on their performance.

DNA Part #'s: 91YY5017 91YY5018