Dash Panel Color Selection

All of our material has a deep high gloss finish. All engraving is protected by a layer of clear acrylic so there is no fading, chipping, or dirt that can affect the engraved areas.

Black Stardust

All of the "Stardust" colors have a metal flake type appearance. It is subtle but will sparkle under the right light. This color looks great as a replacement for plain black panels.

Brown Stardust

Medium dark brown. The stardust flake makes the color look lighter under the right lighting conditions. Excellent contrast with white engraving

Gold Stardust

Light gold color, similar shade to a maple wood. The stardust flake will sparkle under the right light. Good with black or white engraving, but white will have better contrast

Silver Stardust

This silver has a darker appearance when viewed from the side, almost like a pewter color. The right light makes it sparkle and turns the color to a brighter silver

Teal Stardust

Light green color with the stardust flake. Good contrast with white or black engraving

Aqua Stardust

Really more of a light blue or sky blue. Really nice transition when in the right light. The flake pops on this color. Good results with black or white engraving

Copper Stardust

More like a light gold color with the stardust flake. This is a nice conservative color that works with white or black engraving


Nice smooth color with ultrafine metal flake look. It is a perfect 2008 Cadillac match

Light Silver

Nice silver with a very fine metal type flake. Good replacement for original Wellcraft panels if you are looking for the same look. Black engraving only, white will not show up well.

Cherry Burl

This is our custom developed color to match 2002 and newer Sea Ray models. It is a deep cherry with black burl swirls. White engraving is high contrast. This color looks great in replacing any of the dark burls found on Wellcraft, Regal, Monterey, etc.

Carbon Fiber

Great looking Carbon Fiber pattern under a 1/8" thick layer of clear acrylic. White engraving contrasts nicely and allows for backlighting

High Gloss Black

We refer to this color as "Clear Black" because it is a black color underneath a 1/8" thick layer of clear acrylic.

High Gloss White

The color is under a 1/8" thick layer of clear acrylic so any engraving highlights the depth of the panel. This would be considered "Plain White" or "Solid white"